The Journey

So we got married. Kissed and ran off into the sunset to start the rest of our lives. Bought a house. Bought a Boat. Adopted the cutest puppy dog. 

And then we had a heartfelt serious moment where we felt the time was right to start building a family.


Pure silence for 6+ months and a gut feeling that felt so heavy that this was just the beginning. And then for 3 long years, a smile and congratulations for everyone else around me getting pregnant. My friends and even my brother- who had two beautiful baby girls while I fought my battle. Was I happy for them? OF COURSE. But that didn’t stop the door from smacking me in the face each time.

I know the feeling. The time will never come. Why me? Will we ever have a family? What if we don’t? What’s our plan ‘B’? How are we going to afford treatment moving forward? I don’t think I’m strong enough to go through a surgery. Needles? I’M THE WORST! How am I going to give myself shots every day? 

The doubt can completely consume you. Your life may seem more like a mystery now than it ever will. But newsflash! YOU ARE STRONGER than you even know. Because when it comes down to it, you will go forward. You will do what it takes. You’ll bust down that door and make your life happen. Is it exactly what you dreamed of? No. But the silver lining is, a whole lot is going to come from this than you ever expected.

Grow from this journey. Trust in God. Keep plugging forward. 

You got this.