Set Backs

My heart goes out to all those struggling with infertility and facing yet again, another set back. 

The feeling is all too familiar for me. During our battle, we had moved out of state and back for work. Through all the testing, I was diagnosed with PCOS which I later found out was incorrect. Then later before I was to have surgery to remove my tubes, I got a call 4 days prior informing me that my doctor died. Yes- you heard me correctly. He died due to a heart attack the DAY AFTER we met. Such an incredible, compassionate man. RIP Dr. Brinton. 💔

The set backs were the worst part of the whole process. It felt like as soon as we took two steps forward, we soon found ourselves five steps back. 

A good friend once told me, if you feel in your gut that you’re going to have a baby then you will. And while you’re facing these setbacks, give yourself permission to create a Pinterest board. Post your nursery ideas. Plan on the fun stuff. 

So keep your head high. We’ll get through this setback. Together.