Infertility is the absolute reason why my faith is as strong as it is today. While I went through all the feelings- panic, sadness, anger, bitterness, doubt, denial and finally acceptance- I finally reached the point where I gave up and gave it all to god.

No amount of stress and full blown resentment was going to get me any closer to what I wanted. I finally found myself tired, quiet and somehow patient…letting someone else do the work- God.

I can’t remember who sent me this, but at the time it spoke volumes. So much so that I took a picture and is one of the many things I look back on. It’s all very simple. I asked, searched and knocked (literally on every IVF clinic door😅). And maybe it goes back to the saying “God helps those that help themselves”. I may have put my faith and outcome in his hands but I also kept plugging along, as hard as some of those steps were and did what my gut and god told me to do.

*All religions seek for peace and guidance. No matter what your faith is, I hope you find the peace and guidance you deserve. *