Let’s Talk About It

When Jimmy Fallon opened up about their own struggle with infertility, I was deep down in the trenches with my own. I was intrigued to hear their story and in a strange way it helped provide comfort. Thank god someone was finally talking about it. The ugly, uncomfortable and utterly emotional process that a couple finds themselves destined to go through. 

I too, said MANY times “I’ll never do that”, “yeah right”, “there’s no way. But when you’re faced with the road ahead and the only way to get to the bright side of the tunnel is going through it, I guess you have a moment you throw up your hands and buck up.

I hope you realize you’re stronger than you think. I hope you see each appointment as one step closer. Each paycheck as more money in the bank for IVF or adoption. And I certainly hope you see a team of other woman rallying around you while you fight this battle. I certainly am.