I was on the Peloton today and at the very end, Robin Arzon said “Purpose re-frames pain”. This stopped me instantly in the middle of stretching as I made sense of it.
When my first boyfriend and I broke up, like every other teenager I was devastated. All break-ups are hard but there is a distinguished pain with the first one. I had two choices: I could lay in bed for weeks on end with Ben & Jerry until I got over it OR I could throw myself into school, sports and everything in between to keep my mind off of it. 
At the time, my purpose was proving to myself that I was worth so much more. Worth more than a silly relationship I knew deep down wasn’t the right one for me. And I knew my life had way more to offer aside from a relationship.
I found PURPOSE while I dealt with the pain.
When I often think of the three years I dealt with infertility, I also think of all the other things my husband and I accomplished in that short (but what felt like long) time. The pain could have been so much greater than it was.  
The pain could have destroyed me. It broke my heart in a million pieces over and over again. But it NEVER took my purpose away from me. I am a stronger person because of it. 
Part of the reason why I documented our IVF journey is because very early on, I had a goal of starting a non-profit to help the blow couples feel when they are up against this battle. 
Today, this is my purpose. My purpose is you.