Happy Mother’s Day

May of 2017, we were living in Ohio on Mother’s Day. My father-in-law’s wife sent me a surprise package with this shirt in it. Yes, I was most certainly a mom to the cutest puppy dog- Posh.

Through all the testing, negatives, disappointments and even shots, Posh sat right by my feet- or slept in my bed. 😬 To this day, I still refer to her as my first born child who happens to have fur. Also, a ton of winter jackets, halloween costumes and “necklaces” (aka collars).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Momma’s out there that spoil their fur babies in all the things and are taking all the steps to getting your future family here.

Show me those little loves of yours in a comment below! Posh needs more friends! 😆❤️

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