My Voice

There was a moment in the IVF process that I felt deep down I needed to take a different route. Since I’m not a doctor and I certainly want to respect the science and decisions that they make, I’ll keep it simple.

I already had surgery and my fallopian tubes were removed. IVF round #1 was successful but at around 9 weeks, there wasn’t a heartbeat. I had a D&C procedure so I didn’t have to endure a miscarriage during a time when I was already devastated. Going into round #2, I was emotionally weak, battered and feeling like I wasn’t strong enough to go through such an intense process.

It was during that time, that I spoke with my doctor and chose to take a route that meant a slightly less success rate when we transferred the embryo(s), but inevitably a process that I could feel good about going through.

When I came across this quote by the great Shel Silverstein, I was propelled back into that moment that deep down I knew I had to make a different choice. One that may have been a risk but also a risk I was willing to take to keep myself afloat.

I’m so lucky to have been in the care of such a great Doctor that respected my gut instinct and stood by me while I went this route. While it wasn’t the norm, it inevitably worked for me.