Life is Now

It’s now been about two months since the Pandemic started. And I know, we’re all waiting for our life to begin again. Almost as if these past two months never happened-we wish we could fast forward and get back to all the things we want.

The three years of infertility felt the same way. I wished desperately to just fast-forward to the part that I was pregnant, planning and showing up to my baby shower and welcoming my babies into this world. But I suppose, like many other things in life, it just doesn’t happen that way. Life gets messy. The long wait that includes all the mess with it is necessary. It offers opportunities of perspective, appreciation and soul-searching.

In the past two months alone, I’ve appreciated the things that in hind-sight I had long forgotten about. Putting my phone down, closing my laptop, lighting some candles and watching a movie. Organizing the many closets in my house, putting together a scrapbook that I just never had the time to get around to. I started to breath lighter and enjoy the minutes of the day instead of waiting for the end when I could relieve myself with a cocktail. Sound familiar?

Infertility may take up a portion of your life but it certainly doesn’t need to overshadow it. There are good moments in between. You can wish this year of 2020 to pass but is the next year going to be free of challenges too? Stay in the moment. Breath. Enjoy the crisp sip of wine. The fresh summer breeze (we’re hopefully going to have soon!) come through the window. And its boating season- so there’s always that getaway!

Let’s all take a lesson to not wish our life away or wait for it to start. It’s already here and we’re living it- the good and the bad.