I never expected to have such a profound take-away from today’s first ever Support Social. 

I always looked up to people with hefty resumes and living what most of us imagine as the “American dream”. What I didn’t realize is, I was already surrounded around such amazing people that I look up to. Not only did I have some friends join the call, I also had some new. And it made me view the women I already knew in a different light. Ones that hold a successful career and race home to mix up medications for their next shot. They take risks and alter their dreams despite what might look like a grim road ahead. 

The problem with infertility is that you’re always waiting for the rest of your life to start. It’s a dream of a family that you feel you may never get. And when it comes down to it, no money, career or status will ever fill that void. It’s something so pure and organic that EVERYONE in life should be able to get it, right? 

And yet, as I sit here in the midst of a pandemic, I think… as long as I have my family, I’m okay. 

THAT’S what matters in life. Family. And these ladies are fighting for it everyday. These are my warriors. These are my hero’s. These are for sure the type of people I look up to.