The First Shot

Funny story: Our first shot was on a day that we go to my husbands boss’s house for fireworks. Like many of us in Michigan, he lives on a lake and fireworks during the 4th of July are a HUGE deal. 

We showed up to his house with a mini cooler in hand and all of our medications and supplies for the shot loaded up. I’ve never been one to hide anything (😂) so everyone there, coworkers and all, knew what we had to do that evening. 

I was nervous has heck. I HATE needles so its comical that I had to take this journey. Not to mention, did I really trust my husband to mix the medication up? What if it was too much and I made like 100 eggs?!

Nevertheless, the time came and his boss put us in his master bathroom where there were greater chances for privacy to do the BIG task. 

I tried to give myself the shot and to no avail, I couldn’t do it. My husband said “I’ll do it” and I closed my eyes and BAM. It was done. But then I broke out in sobs. Partly from the adrenaline and then from the overwhelming disbelief that, here we are- no turning back, IT’S GO TIME.

At that very moment, his boss’s wife walked in! Here I am sobbing and she’s wondering how she could turn back the clock! 

Needless to say, his boss and wife are the most AWESOME people ever. But I can’t help but look back and laugh at such a raw, crazy moment that just happened to start off the whole main chapter in our journey. 

Tell me your stories! Let’s hear them! Where were you and what was your first shot like?

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