I try to remind myself of this everyday.

Some days I don’t want to get on the peloton. Its hard to find the time for myself. To throw another load of laundry in or clean the kitchen for the 100th time.

Believe me, there are times I don’t do any of it! But on the days I’m trying to convince myself certain things are good idea to do, I literally put one foot in front of the other and slowly keep going. Even if it’s not at my normal pace.

Today is definitely one of those days.

It brings me back to when I didn’t want to do my shot for the day. Or I desperately wanted to just skip my doctors appointment because I was SO DONE. But I’d remind myself- its just one shot. Its just one appointment. When I’m done, I’ll reward myself with a glass of wine! 😆

Let this be a reminder to keep going. One task at a time. Because in the end, all those little moments that seemed so daunting will add up. And that my friend, is how we get to the things we want!