In every life altering moment, there’s a bit of an emotional process.

When I first found out I needed to remove my tubes and do IVF, I guess you could say I was in denial. Angry. Bitter and full of doubt.

Once a few days passed- then a week- and then a month, it was enough time alone in my thoughts that I passed the “thinking” stage and started to believe again. Believe that all of this is possible. It wouldn’t be easy but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Then I quickly started to dream. I dreamt about the life I wanted. The family I so deeply yearned for. I imagined where we would live and all the memories we would make along the way.

Finally, just like Walt Disney says, I dared myself to plunge forward. I got determined and angry in a different way. One that made my stubborn side really stand out and want to prove to myself and everyone around me that I would be able to beat this. Conquer infertility and everything that comes with it.

All of these seasons throughout the process got me to the next chapter. I reflected, changed and showed up ready and willing for the next phase in this crazy journey.