The Husband’s Perspective

Posted by Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan, I couldn’t help but share my husbands perspective on our journey. With it being Men’s Health Month, I think it’s important to recognize that they too have an emotional ride through infertility.

“When I found out that we would need to head down the IVF route I was 100% supportive. We wanted kids and I didn’t see anything getting in our way. The emotional roller coaster existed for my wife, but not so much for me. The hardest part to cope with was that emotional disconnect that I had to the process. Trying to understand how my wife felt and how real the process was for her was my biggest challenge. I looked at it as another thing to check off and do in order to get kids (Type A personality much?). Being able to listen, be patient, and try to understand being in her shoes was super helpful. 

Initially we had a miscarriage with our first transfer which was really where my emotions started. Being told there is no heartbeat is one of the most defeating things to hear. I was finally brought to tears. However – when I found out we had 2 heartbeats on our second transfer I was elated. Every milestone during the ultrasound process was a huge win. There are so many delicate timelines where you’re tracking the progress and hoping everything is fine. The happiest day of my life was delivery day when I heard the first cry and the second cry. I knew they made it and I knew I was officially a dad.” – Justin Clements