“It’s okay to be new, to struggle, to change.”

It is so easy to feel isolated and alone during the whole infertility process. Hurts even more when you face another setback and it doesn’t seem like you have anyone to identify with. 

I took this picture the day of my D&C once I found out I was miscarrying. For those that are new to my posts, I chose to document the entire journey from start to finish. And when I look at this picture, I feel the pain all over again. The raw, defeated and utterly hopeless feelings come racing back. 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. “It’s okay to be new, to struggle, to change.” And change you will. This is only one part of your story. As long as you have this deep, rooted, undeniable push to keep going forward- you will. 

If you need someone that understands, reach out to me. I’m a zoom call (and a glass of wine) away! Support socials are also held via Zoom once a month. Let’s help each other make this process a little bit more bearable.