During infertility, I found myself saying no more often. At the time, I didn’t completely realize it. Other times, it was more than obvious. I’d choose to stay in because I simply didn’t have the energy to put on a happy face. And I can most definitely admit that I chose not to attend baby showers so I didn’t have to pay attention to the deep pain in my gut.

I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me. I knew people just didn’t know WHAT to SAY. But not saying anything at all- felt even more isolating. If I brought up my worries and struggles again, would that be complaining? Are they sick of hearing it? Why haven’t they asked how things are going with it all?

So for all those supporting a momma-to-hopefully-be or a friend going through a rough patch not related to infertility, ❗️don’t ignore it.❗️Ask how things are. Send random messages that they’re on your mind. 

The MOST COMMON thing I hear today from my infertility community is that all their friends and family have gone silent. Even all the cliches and less-then-perfect responses are better then silence. 

Thanks for supporting us in our journey! ❤️🌈