Make Someone’s Day

Who has been your support as you’ve gone through this whole process?

Two friends whom I met through the IVF process became my rock. They knew the deep, down and ugly. I didn’t have to explain myself at any given point with what I was feeling. And today, we still consistently talk because let’s face it- this bond we share together is one that no one else will ever understand. 

While those that going through understand every bit of it, I also had my go-to that loved and supported me at all hours of the day no matter what. My sobs, screaming and pure silence on the other line we’re always met with compassion, understanding and love. 

As of recently, I’ve been contacted by those that just simply need someone who has or is going through the process. It’s okay to admit that while you have some awesome friends and support, you need something different. 

I’m always here to talk. About the shots. The horrible nights you’re just not in the mood for doing the deed! The vulnerable doctors appointments. I’m here for all of it. 

Shout out and tag in comments below for those you absolutely love and appreciate right now while you go through infertility! ❤️👏🏻