One Person

Yesterday I was thinking about the surgery I had a few years ago to remove my tubes. I had just started posting about my infertility in Facebook after I caved and desperately needed the support.

Not sure why didn’t open up sooner. But when I did, I was flooded with private messages and people reaching out saying they had or are also going through the same thing.

There were times I looked at some of my closest friends and family for support. I was disappointed in a few of them by the silence I was met with. Maybe they didn’t know what to say. Maybe they were happy with their own pregnancies and felt awkward sharing their own happiness. 

Whatever it was that kept those individuals at bay, I lost sight of all the others that supported me through and through.

Out of the 60, 120 or 1,000 people supporting you, don’t let one person put you in the dark. 

You got this. We got this. Together.