“We got another 1% baby”

Probably the most vulnerable & raw story I’ve heard from any celebrity so far. 

As I’m packing my house and prepping to move next week, Good Bones was on HGTV and caught me dead in my tracks. Mina and her husband sitting down with their IVF doctor and discussing the results behind her failed cycle- or lack there of. 

The most devastating news to bear after all the shots and financial burden, is the silence that follows with having zero viable embryos to transfer. When asked what was the next step, I’m sure he had a lump in his throat when he gave her the honest to god truth- the next attempt may yield the same results. At this point her only options are adoption or a donor egg. 

I was in tears. This brought me right back to my own journey when the future felt so dark and the unknown too great. 

In the end, she chose to give it another shot. And was given a miracle. Another rainbow baby. Teaching all of us, no matter how bleak the situation, dig deep, follow your gut and go for it. ❤️🌈

“We got another 1% baby” -Mina Hawk