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Rising to the Challenge

Another awesome support social with amazing women I’m lucky to be surrounded by.  Parked up on my deck while others sat on their couch, we cracked jokes of all the funny and uncomfortable things infertility brings.  We have all felt setbacks. We are scared of the future. The decisions we have to make along the […]

Hope & Perseverance

Like most classic love stories, Zach and I fell in love, married and started trying to build a family. Months turned into years, but with IVF and an amazing team of doctors, we were successful in conceiving our first son, Colton. Like many others, we yearned for Colton to have a sibling but in addition […]

One Person

Yesterday I was thinking about the surgery I had a few years ago to remove my tubes. I had just started posting about my infertility in Facebook after I caved and desperately needed the support. Not sure why didn’t open up sooner. But when I did, I was flooded with private messages and people reaching […]

The Little Steps

And just like that. One chapter closes and another one opens. This weekend we bought a house. Five years ago, this house would have been a dream that I thought someone else would have achieved. But here we are, our first home up for sale. It got me thinking. All the little steps that led […]