Better Together.

Chosen Infertility Group was founded to help individuals and families make their way through their own infertility journey. Whether we are helping with resources or financially it is our mission to help bring awareness to the infertility journey. We are Better Together.

How You Can Get Involved

Sponsor Events

Every year Chosen hosts events in which we capture additional funding and support from relevant sponsors. If you or your business wants to sponsor an upcoming event please visit our “Sponsor” page to view any current openings.


A bulk of our ability to cover infertility costs for families is driven by donations. Every donation is tax deductible as Chosen Infertility Group is a registered 501(c)(3).

What We Do

At Chosen Infertility, our goal is to support, educate, and build a safe community for those within any part of the infertility journey. With an ever evolving network, the Chosen Tribe has linked arms with professionals, businesses, and organizations in the Metro Detroit area to provide greater resources that benefit our community battling infertility. These resources range from monthly support socials (online) to financial grants.

Our Story

Having struggled for three years with infertility, the founders found out first hand the many obstacles that often limited or prevented those struggling to conceive. Wiping their own bank account out in order to proceed with IVF, their passion for helping others on the same path magnified. They strongly believe that each and every person struggling to grow their family should be armed with a network and community in which they can find support, resources and help.

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