Metro Detroit Infertility Non-Profit now accepting applications at for those in need of financial assistance to move forward with their infertility treatments. Valued at $20,000 in IVF assistance, grant recipient(s) will receive treatments for elected procedures through Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan (RMA of MI).

TROY, Mich., April 1, 2022 – To Kick Off National Infertility Awareness Week (4/25-4/29), Chosen Infertility Group, a Metro Detroit based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has launched the application process for those in need of financial assistance to move forward with infertility treatment.

The grant covers either: fresh IVF cycle, ICSI (if needed), monitoring, anesthesia, cryopreservation and storage of remaining embryos up to two years and medications up to $6,000 OR any frozen cycle, thaw, monitoring and medications. All treatments must be under the care of willing to be under the care of RMA of MI.

With most insurance plans lacking infertility coverage, the Chosen Grant was designed to help those financially burdened as many are faced with having to spend approximately $20,000 for IVF treatments.

Prospective Applicants can get more information and apply at An application fee of $50 is required, along with submission of personal story (photos and video encouraged) and other required documentation.

All application fees will go toward helping fund future Chosen Grants. Every applicant will receive a receipt for their tax purposes and receive confirmation of their application. Candidates who are selected to receive the grants will be contacted directly by Chosen Infertility Group. All applicants are encouraged to follow Chosen Infertility Group on the organization’s social media channels for information regarding recipient announcements, news, events and new grants.

About Chosen Infertility Group

With an ever-evolving network, the Chosen Tribe has linked arms with professionals, businesses, and organizations in the Metro Detroit area to provide greater resources that benefit our community battling infertility. Closing the gap, we aim to provide trusted referrals in areas such as acupuncture, dietetics, and psychotherapy to help supplement their infertility treatment.

Support Socials are held monthly via Zoom and often feature guest speakers to share their journey, advice or additional information in a given topic or category. Additional support provided by a licensed therapist in many of our Support Socials can be a great gateway to individual therapy.

Fundraisers play a large part in our efforts as an organization with much of our community struggling to take the next steps in treatment due to lack of infertility coverage and financial resources. Donations, sponsors and proceeds from events and partnerships make it possible to award Chosen Grants to those in need.

Together, we chase rainbows.

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Press/Media Contact:

Lauren Clements, President/Founder

(248) 894- 3492